Hi, Greg. Thanks for reading and thanks for your response. Scripture was not declared, written or recorded in a contextual vacuum. Paul was responding to a very specific concern within a very specific community centuries removed from where we stand today. To equate homosexuality or homosexual coupling with immorality is a gross misinterpretation of Christian Scripture and a judgment neither you nor I can make. Paul’s letters demand careful scrutiny and critical scholarly engagement to better understand what exactly he was getting at in such passages. A book that may be of interest to you and which makes a compelling case for gay marriage through a theologically and scripturally sound hermeneutic is Robert Song’s “Covenant Calling” which you can find here: https://www.amazon.com/Covenant-Calling-Theology-Same-Sex-Relationships/dp/0334051886. Be well and Godspeed.

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Advocate, Educator, Essayist, Scholar | www.brotherpreach.com

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